The Total Value of Health

The total value of health is much more than just medical/hospital & drug costs yet that is what most employers concentrate on. Add to the list absenteeism,  disability, worker’s comp, effectiveness on job, recruitment, retention &  morale of a workforce. To be effective employers must deploy strategies that keep their employees heathy& safe at home and at work. This will have a huge positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Hacked

HACKERS CRACKED into online shoe powerhouse, stealing the personal information of 24 million customers, official said. Shoe shoppers were shocked to check their inboxes Monday to find notices from the company telling them that their information had been compromised and asking them to change their passwords. In the email to customers, the company said “there may have been illegal and unauthorized access” to customer information including names, email addresses, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of customers credit card numbers.

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