“I have worked with Randy and Dustin for a number of years and I would gladly recommend them to anyone who is looking for someone to assist them in the areas of risk management and insurance.”
Bill Broekhuizen
Controller at Farmers Co-op Elevator

“This process has taken us from looking at risk once a year to a 365-days-a-year approach. Together with Ottawa Kent as our outsource risk manager, we’re on a journey of improving our employee population in the areas of safety and health. It’s become engrained in our culture. We’re already seeing the morale benefits and the financial benefits. So not only is the right thing to do, but we’re benefiting financially as well – a classic win-win.”
Mike Dykstra, President & COO
Zeeland Lumber

“I’ve worked with Randy and Dustin from Ottawa Kent Insurance and must say I’m impressed. They is more than just an insurance agent, they are our insurance and risk management partners. Their service is seamless. I’d highly recommend Randy and Dustin to anyone that owns a business.”
Joyce Lovse

“We have worked with Randy and Dustin on a variety of insurance issues. They are always helpful, not only with coverage options, but with related human resource suggestions. Randy and Dustin always demonstrate a high level of understanding that is enhanced by their personable approach.”
Eric Uitvlugt, P.S.
Exxel Engineering

“Just wanted to recognize Dustin’s review of our HR Handbook and his insights into these matters. Dustin’s passion and engagement with clients exemplifies what sets your company apart! From your initial risk assessment to our safety committee meetings, we feel your support in our business. Thanks for all you do, and if you’re in a group setting, feel free to brag about Dustin, he is doing a great job! One happy client!”
Steve Coates
Welch Tile & Marble

“Randy and Dustin have helped our company minimize risk and maximize savings while making sure we have the right insurance coverage. They have always been willing to go the extra mile for us and I would highly recommend them and their company.”
Robert Freeman
Above Roofing

“It is my pleasure to recommend Randy and Dustin Boss to anyone who is looking for someone to assist them in the areas of Risk Management and Human Resources. Randy and Dustin approach our Management Team from a Business Owner’s perspective. Our goal is to find real business solutions, establish strategies to increase our ROI, reduce costs and maximize savings to our bottom line. Randy and Dustin have reduced our Worker Compensation costs, introduced a health and wellness program while reducing our healthcare costs. Together, we are working toward implementing a Safety Program. Randy, Dustin and their staff are personable and compassionate. They have gone above and beyond in many sensitive situations that resulted in a positive outcome. Randy and Dustin are a strategic business partner and our working relationship has truly been a positive and rewarding experience.”
Jo Carlson
Director of Human Resources at Fasteners

 “Randy, Dustin and his team offer leading edge solutions for employee benefits, safety and wellness. If you need an expert to help you save time and money in any or all of these areas, you need to talk to Randy and Dustin.”
Leslie Fiorenzo, Director
Employee Assistance Center

What I appreciate about Randy is that he and his company not only provide financial support through sponsorship of ABC events, but they also give a lot of their time. Randy brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight to both our Safety Committee and our HR Peer group. — His participation in both of these groups makes them better. Thanks Randy!
Norm Brady
Associated Builders & Contractors Association