OSHA sees budget increases – NIOSH sees cuts for FY 2012

Washington – After several close calls during which a government shutdown loomed, Congress finalized a budget for the remainder of fiscal year 2012, providing some occupational safety and health agencies with a slight funding increase.

  • $565.9 million to OSHA. Compared to FY 2011, this represents a $7.2 million increase, most of which comes from $6.4 million in additional funds for federal compliance assistance and state consultation grants.
  • $374 million to the Mine Safety and Health Administration. The agency received across-the-board increases from FY 2011, except for a $1.2 million decrease in metal/non-metal enforcement.
  • $17.6 million to the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission. The $7.3 million funding increase from FY 2011 is part of a recent trend of providing more money to FMSHRC to reduce a massive backlog of contested cases.
  • $11.7 million to the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, which is identical to the commission’s FY 2011 funding.
  • $182.9 million to NIOSH, a funding cut of more than $41 million for the research institute compared with the previous fiscal year.