The Generation Gap – How To Motivate Generation Y

GEN-YGeneration Y

  • Roughly born between the 1980’s and 2000’s
  • General Attitude: Let’s make the world a better place
  • Characteristics: Tolerant, Caring, Honest, Balanced, Independent, Optimistic and Clean Cut
  • Likes: Shopping, Labels, Friends, Family, The environment, Technology
  • Dislikes: Dishonesty, Unbalanced lifestyles.

Famous people from generation Y include Prince William, Venus and Serena Williams and David Beckham.

These kids are just entering the working environment. They are growing up in a time when the world is more baby and children focused than ever before. The “Baby on Board” stickers arrived in the early 1990’s. Fashion models were pregnant on the front cover of magazines…something that was unheard of in the 1960’s. You see winning sport stars after a tournament with trophy in the one hand and baby in the other.

This generation is the most protected generation ever. However, at the same time they are also the most exposed.

They grow up with technology, so it comes natural to them. Every time I get a new mobile phone, I give it to my 14 year old son. He usually have it sorted out within 10 minutes…and he is not the exception.

Because of all the attention and protection, they mirror the GI generation to some extend. At the same time, the generation gap between them and the Xers is not big.

Just like the GI’s, they grew up in a community that was very children focused.

And, like the GI’s, they don’t mind doing community work. Unlike the Xers who have a general attitude of “minding my own business”, these kids want to get involved.

Tips for Motivating Generation Y

  • Lead. This generation has grown up structured and supervised by parents who believed in boundaries and are active role models. They respond to leadership with integrity.
  • Provide mentors. They enjoy interacting with older generations, and learning in a hands on manner. It will also help you to close the generation gap.
  • They like to be challenged. Assign them to projects where they can truly learn.
  • They like to try new things. Boredom is your, and their, greatest enemy.
  • Let them work with their friends, as they are sociable and sharing.

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