Work Environment and Managers Key to Mental Health

sweatshop2A recent Unum study found that work environment has a significant impact on an employee’s absence from work due to behavioral health issues. The research also found it to be the leading barrier employees face when returning to work.

“The current culture of the American workplace is operating on a ‘do more with less’ mentality,” explains Dr. Kristin Tugman, PhD, assistant vice president of Health and Productivity at Unum. “This is creating a workforce that is struggling with presenteeism and lack of engagement, as well as an unbalanced work/life structure. As a result, employees are faced with more workplace stress than ever before.”

And that is having a negative effect on an employer’s bottom line: 41 percent of employees lose 15 to 30 minutes of productivity a day and 36 percent lose one hour or more as a result of workplace stress.

That stress can also be compounded by additional factors such as employee performance issues. The research showed that for some employees the stress of performance expectations becomes too great and they’re not able to persevere, so instead they go out on leave due to stress.

“The flip side to that is the negative stigma that is often associated with leave or disability, especially when the absence from work is due to a mental health issue,” said Tugman. “This stigma becomes a barrier too, causing employees to either be afraid to seek help or to take leave.”

These factors, in addition to workplace stress, contribute to presenteeism, or being at work but with an inability to perform at full capacity. And that can be bad news for employers too because currently presenteeism costs the United States approximately $150 billion a year.

via Work environment and managers key to mental health stability and wellness of employees.