Keeping Kids Safe Online

child-safetyThere’s a wide range of dangers that can affect kids online:

Contact with undesirable people, including:

  • Being approached by pedophiles – for example, in Internet chat rooms
  • Being targeted by online bullies
  • Being tricked into disclosing personal information – about your child or about you

Inappropriate content, such as:

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Downloads of pirated materials – including music or video files

Computer security issues:

  • Drive-by downloads – whereby simply visiting a website can result in malicious programs being automatically installed on your child’s computer
  • Malware infections from peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing programs – can give other people access to your child’s computer
  • Unwanted advertising, pop-ups, and adware programs – that are often automatically installed when freeware or shareware programs are downloaded

via Keeping Kids Safe Online | Internet Security Information | Kaspersky Lab US.