Knowing Your Numbers Could Save Your Life

Know_NumbersIf the oil light comes on in your car do you ignore it or do you bring it to a mechanic to tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it? It’s the same way with your health except you can replace the car but not your health. That’s why it’s so critical to know and monitor your target numbers.

Below are the healthy ranges to work toward. You’ll often see these written out with clinical terms like mg/dL and mm Hg. Your medical provider can explain those terms. For you, the important thing is the numbers themselves:

  • Blood Pressure – less than 120/80
  • Cholesterol Total – below 200
  • LDL – below 130
  • HDL – above 50 for women – above 40 for men
  • Triglycerides – below 150
  • Glucose (fasting) – between 70 and 99
  • BMI – between 18.5 and 24.9

It’s important to monitor your numbers regularly by getting an annual physical, blood work and reviewing them with your doctor. It’s to late after you are sick because much of the damage to your body will not be repairable.

via Know Your Numbers.