Role of the Supervisor

functionalneeds-6Over the years, the role of the supervisor has changed. At one time, supervisors were feared order-givers who told employees what to do and policed their work. Successful supervisors today are more likely to be good leaders, coaches, and motivators. Good supervisors are respected by their team members, because most employers have come to understand that people are more productive if they are happy, motivated, and upbeat.

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What Makes a Good Supervisor?

savvyinjectiThe main qualities required are:

  • Great communication skills: As a supervisor one must communicate clearly and correctly to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations. When receiving information from a subordinate, she should be sure to receive it correctly – There is no harm in asking again if necessary.
  • Adapt to the changes: World is changing at a fast pace. The efficient supervisors ought to keep up with it. Do not just blindly follow the age old norms and rules. Think out of the box if required. Adjust to the needs of the organization.
  • Value the employees: The people are any supervisor’s real asset. They are ones running the business and the work. A good supervisor understands their worth and treats them accordingly.
  • A coacher/mentor: Share your experience. A good supervisor shares her wisdom, knowledge and experience with the employees. She helps them perform better. This also strengthens the bond and the trust between them.
  • Disciplined: If a supervisor is disciplined then only can she expect the people to be so. The boss is an example – Come on time, meet the time-lines, set a behavioral code if necessary.
  • Feedback/incentives: Promotions, feedback, raises and accolades should be showered on the deserving people.
  • Be an example: Be hands on – Do not just always delegate. At times the boss should take on projects too. She may try picking up something less attractive or uninteresting and complete it wonderfully. This sets an example to all the team about taking up challenges and about how any work is important.
  • Be approachable: The employees should not hesitate in approaching the supervisor with their concerns and problems. An efficient supervisor will make sure that there is enough trust and openness between her and the employees for the latter to come to her with their grievances.
  • Be considerate: People are not just employees. They have families, friends and a life beyond work. Unless there is something urgent, do not make them work beyond the usual hours. Let them have their weekends and vacations. Be practical when setting the time-lines. This all will in turn improve the efficiency and the productivity of the employees.
  • Positive attitude: Be polite. Wish employees good mornings and be generous in thanking them. Inquire after about their families off and on.
  • Criticize constructively: When mistakes happen a good supervisor tries and understands the reasons behind the mishap. She criticizes or assesses the employee in proportion to the mistake. And it is always better to not to scream or scold in front of the others. Give constructive feedback; show them the right way to do things.

A supervisor ought not to take the power for granted and continue working on the qualities required to become a great supervisor.

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