Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas_TreeChristmas is a special time of the year for families.  We suggest the following safety tips to keep the holiday season joyful.

Christmas Tree Safety:

  • Consider an artificial tree as they are much safer and cleaner
  • A real tree should not lose green needles when you tap it on the ground
  • Cut one inch off the trunk to help absorb water
  • Leave the tree outside until ready to decorate
  • The tree stand should hold a minimum of one gallon of water
  • Check the water level daily
  • Make sure the tree is secured and cannot be knocked over
  • Keep the tree away from all heat sources
  • Use miniature lights that have cool-burning bulbs
  • Always turn off the tree lights when going to bed or leaving the house
  • Never use candles even on artificial trees
  • Dispose of the tree properly after the holidays

Home Safety:

  • Make sure you have a properly working fire alarm
  • Use only outdoor lights on the exterior of the home
  • Never use worn light strings
  • Connect no more than three strands of lights together
  • Never use an indoor extension cord outdoors
  • Avoid overloading wall outlets and extension cords
  • Keep outdoor electrical connectors above ground and out of the snow
  • Never use electric lights on a metallic tree
  • Extinguish fireplace ashes before going to bed or leaving the house
  • After parties, check under and around chairs, sofas and other furniture for smoldering cigarettes if there have been people smoking in the house
  • Have at least one working carbon monoxide detector in the house
  • Have a fire extinguisher available

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