Shaping Behavior at Work.

thumbs upFor managers and supervisors shaping behavior can is a critical skill to get the most out of their workforce. Shaping is a simple concept but very difficult to master. You can’t get from step 1 to step 10 in one easy move. You sometimes have to write out steps 2 through 9 and then carry them out, one by one.

Employees today crave encouragement and positive feedback, but few feel they are receiving it. Research shows that half of all employees feel that their immediate supervisor does a poor job of providing them with recognition for their good work. For example, giving employees praise for doing a good job is a form of shaping behavior. Asking for feedback from employees and not taking the time to follow up on it will also shape behavior but in a negative way.

Shaping is not for the impatient, and a realization that patience is the key can take some people time.